Thule SkiClick – A smart roof mounted ski carrier

I am a big fan of the Thule brand (which I prefer to Packline). One of its latest inventions is the Thule SkiClick system. Thule SkiClick is a smart roof mounted ski carrier, ideal for safely transporting cross-country skis. It’s a lightweight, space-saving design which attaches to walls and roof racks with a simple click. Because of … Continúa leyendo Thule SkiClick – A smart roof mounted ski carrier

Thule Upslope 20L vs 35L backpacks

I am a big fan of Thule from Sweden – I have previously written about their amazing photography, I own three Thule bags (among them the Thule Crossover Sling Pack which I reviewed), on this blog I have analyzed Thule’s roof top boxes against its main competitor, and I have remarked Thule’s non-obsolescent products which endure very hard … Continúa leyendo Thule Upslope 20L vs 35L backpacks

Thule – Nuevos vídeos 2014

Hoy he estado viendo los nuevos vídeos de una de mis marcas favoritas, Thule. Esta es una marca que me tiene fascinado por lo bien que lo hace todo, y por ser capaces de vender sus productos a precios desorbitantes a pesar de la creciente competencia como por ejemplo Packline (mira aquí una comparativa que … Continúa leyendo Thule – Nuevos vídeos 2014

Thule Sweden photography

There are lots of brands which display great photography, but not so many disclose what’s behind great photography. I’m not talking about Photoshop retouches, but about an insider view of the photographer’s work as it takes place. Thule Sweden has shared some casual pictures on photoshoot sessions. It has not directly shown how pictures evolved … Continúa leyendo Thule Sweden photography