Andreas Markessinis

Place Branding author&editor

The Nation Branding website

Nation branding is my field of expertise and I've written dozens of articles and essays on the topic. They have been published at the popular website, of which I am also founder and editor. This website was an immediate global hit when I launched it in 2006 but today it is inactive as I'm currently involved in other projects. Still, it is available and contains much of my work as well as of third-party researchers.


The Branding Greece website

Prior to create, in 2003 I was anticipating that Greece wasn't managing its country brand image properly, and I launched the website to discuss the issue and share my opinions with others. It was a truly pioneering initiative, and other similar websites for other countries began to spring up here and there. Over 15 years later, the need for Greece to manage its brand image is so obvious that it almost hurts.



My work has been featured on many media outlets, interviews, blogs, theses and dissertations. It has also been mentioned in scholarly books and academic publications, among them:

Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity,  by Melissa Aronczyk Brand Singapore: How nation branding built Asia’s leading global city, by Koh Buck Song Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis, by Eli Avraham, Eran Ketter Scandinavian Design: Alternative Histories, by Kjetil Fallan Marca país: España, una marca líquida, by José Miguel Sánchez Guitián Nation Branding? Entwicklung einer nationalen Markenidentität, by Angelika Gimpl Nation Branding: Eine theoretische Analyse und empirische Studien zur Popular Geopolitics and Nation Branding in the Post-Soviet Realm Histories of Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding in the Nordic and Baltic countries Commercial Nationalism: Selling the Nation and Nationalizing the Sell